Welcome to the new (sort of) site!

It’s been a while since we’ve done anything here on the site. When SUSUtv started the website as we know it back in 2010, it was pretty normal to host your own videos on your own website. Ten years on, we mostly post to Facebook and YouTube, and as a result we had largely moved on from our own website!

A few months ago, we lost a large chunk of the website due to data loss and a load of pages being deleted. Almost all the media – that is photos and videos from the time – got purged somehow; we’re still not really sure. However, we’ve been able to piece our website back together again – and in many ways, we’re going to be using it more than ever.

For members of SUSUtv, you will soon be able to book equipment here on this website, with help and instructions on what kit you need to make what you want to make. Non-members will soon be able to search through almost our entire archive of videos from YouTube and Facebook.

Also, any new project from 2020 onwards will receive its own page on the site too. Just wanted to make that clear.